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P.C- Dirgha Man Chitrakar

Patan Durbar Square – 1920 A.D.

Bottling the genealogical scent of Nepali designs enthused by architecture, ciphers, lost creatures, we present to you Sumukhi. A brand rooted by a team that believes in laddering the legacy and cultural heritage of proud past glories. For unclad-ing, the long-standing civilization of thousands of years is our label’s identity. Sumukhi synonymously articulating handicraft is an art staging Nepal’s rich craft traditions encapsulated in global contours. At Sumukhi each design being an individual is a mysterious mold, adhering utmost dexterity and artistry, which comes alive only when you hear the story behind it. The labels sensibility is distinctly and unabashedly Nepal and draws deep from the richness of Nepal’s heritage giving it a contemporary outlook. Reviving and reinventing ancient techniques and Arts including Ashtamangal, Nyatapole, Pagoda shailee, is a label that visions to be internationally feted for its uniqueness and reliability. After all, design shapes culture. Culture creates values. And values determine the future.

In its ongoing pursuit of conserving art forms that perhaps shall be forgotten with the passing time, Sumukhi anchors its focus on ciphers, architecture, lost creature, culture, religion and textiles hoping they are preserved and passed on into the future. We  aim to preserve medieval Nepali designing styles by incorporating them on everyday product that complements contemporary cultures around the world with traditional Nepali effigies.

Ultimately, we intend on being a reliable brand in the international market that is known for its honesty and
authenticity of its goods and services. We aim to be social workers more than a corporate house.

Nepal is a multi-ethnic, landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia. Bordering China in the north and India in the south, east, and
west, it is the largest sovereign Himalayan state. Nepal is also considered as a 3rd world country. Up until 1990, Nepal was a monarchy
under executive control of the King. Faced with a communist movement against absolute monarchy, King Birendra, in 1990, agreed to a
large-scale political reform with the king as the head of state and a prime minister as the head of the government.

Nepal has seen rapid political changes in the past two decades. Since then the country has faced political instability, economic degradation,
cultural decline and Massacre of the royal family; yes the king and his family was massacred in 1st June 2001 by unknown assailants. The
massacre mystery has not been solved to this day and the people have even forgotten this horrible tragedy and moved on with their lives.
Many believe this misfortune has cumulated to the downfall of the country, government and Nepali society as a whole.

Sumukhi, is a handicraft company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We draw inspiration and encouragement from our rich history and cultures of
past. Nepal was not always a down trodden country like we see today; for more than a millennia (3rd CE – 17th) Nepal was considered a
prosperous, cultural and economic hub of the region, with a variety of philosophies and people settling here, creating a seem less melting pot
of culture and civilization. The cultures of art, paintings, architecture, and sculpture, songs and mythologies of our ancestors still remain
strong in the hearts of Nepali people, and we as a manufacturing company intend to raise morale and self-esteem of Nepal by merging
traditional designs with modern convenience and practicality and showcasing our creations to the world, hoping to raise awareness about our
modest little country.